Funeral services held for 4-year-old Meigellic “Jelli” Young

Her mother has been charged with the toddler’s death after police found her buried in a yard.
Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 5:00 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After weeks of waiting for her body from the medical examiner, four-year-old Meigellic Young was finally laid to rest this afternoon.

The toddler, often called “Jelli,’ was found buried in her mom’s backyard in May. She had been missing since September.

On Friday, her dad’s side of the family laid her to rest, which proved to be an emotional day for the entire family.

The family says they’re choosing to remember the good time and they say there were plenty. She was just four years old, but the family says she made her mark in the world. They now call her their angel in heaven.

“She’s an angel now in heaven...she cannot come to us. But we can certainly go to her,” said the pastor who led Jelli’s funeral services on Friday afternoon.

The church was filled with people wearing purple. They wore Jelli’s favorite color to honor the 4-year-old on the day she was laid to rest.

“She was an amazing little girl. If you didn’t get the chance to meet her or know her, it was your loss. She was a bright light,” said Myisha who is Jelli’s father’s cousin.

Everyone can agree that Jelli’s life ended far too soon. Friday’s services were to honor her and her grieving father and stepmom.

“Kind of give the family and people closure. Just to be able to say go home and rest in peace Jelli,” said Lucille Puckett who is a community activist and helping support the family.

But this funeral isn’t the final step for closure. Family and friends wants justice for the toddler.

“Justice for Jelli. That’s what we want now more than anything in this world,” said Puckett.

Police found Jelli buried in a backyard. She had been missing since September of 2020. CMPD arrested Jelli’s mom Malikah Bennett for her death. Her dad’s family says they’ve been trying to find her since September.

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“I wanted to let my cousin know that he didn’t fail as a father. He did everything he could. Everything that makes a women a mother, that’s what made my cousin a father. He took care of that little girl,” said Myisha.

The funeral ended with a dove release, a final goodbye to Jelli as the family seeks justice in her name....

Jelli’s mother Malikah Bennet was due in court on Thursday, but the court date got pushed back by the state.

Jelli’s grandmother, Tammy Moffett, was also charged with concealing death and accessory after that fact in this case. She’s since been released on bond.

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