‘I just want my money’: CMS working to pay Camp CMS employees this week following pay delays

Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 7:11 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The first summer session of Camp CMS has come to a close but some employees say they still haven’t gotten paid.

Last month, CMS hired over 5,100 employees to support the six-week summer learning program serving over 32,000 students.

The first summer session ended last Thursday.

Teachers who did get paid, tell WBTV they got their checks on June 30, but others say they are still waiting on their checks. Some say they received two pay stubs but only one check has been deposited.

One teacher, who wished to remain anonymous tells WBTV she hasn’t gotten a dime since the first session ended on July 1.

“I love what I do, don’t get me wrong, but not getting paid has me reconsidering working the second session of camp. Never did I think that they would not pay me in a timely manner, leaving me and others in the wind, waiting for what we are owed,” the teacher said.

WBTV reached out to CMS regarding the payment delays. Officials say the Human Resources department sent two emails to staff the week of June 28.

WBTV obtained a copy of the email that was sent to employees on June 30.

Thank you for serving in Camp CMS!

This year’s summer program was significantly different than previous years in both substance and scale. We effectively created an extension of school, but one which required existing CMS staff to be re-hired into positions exclusively for Camp CMS in order to comply with state law. Despite the large volume of hires, in addition to incorporating new state requirements that our current systems were not designed to implement, most Camp CMS employees are scheduled to receive their first paychecks for Camp CMS this week as anticipated.

However, due to the challenges described above, not all staff were able to be captured in the first scheduled pay date this week. As such, we quickly worked to establish an additional pay date of Friday, July 2, for team members who were unable to be processed in time for paychecks issued on June 30 or July 1.

You are receiving this email because your first paycheck for Camp CMS has been processed for payment on Friday, July 2. Depending on your financial institution, you may have access to your funds on Thursday, July 1.

While we regret any inconvenience that this delay may have caused, please know that our teams are committed to processing all paychecks as quickly and as accurately as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns once you’ve received and reviewed your paycheck, please contact our Payroll and Benefits Service Center at 980-343-1839. This team will be able to log and route any issues to the appropriate staff person for resolution. Please do not contact your site administrator or other CMS staff about payroll concerns, as this could result in a delayed response time.

Thank you again for your service to our students in this important program.

CMS’ Chief Human Resources Officer Christine Pejot acknowledged the payment delays in an email on Tuesday, July 6.

“Last week, we processed three separate paycheck dates on June 30, July 1, and July 2 to fully capture any employee pay issues identified last week that would have resulted in a missed payment. This means that some employees’ first Camp CMS pay dates were one to two days later than anticipated. Depending upon individual financial institution guidelines, in addition to the federal holiday, some institutions may not have been able to release funds until this morning.

We are also aware of individual/isolated issues that have since been identified over the holiday weekend, and we are actively working through them as quickly as possible. We are prepared to immediately begin processing additional payrolls this week for pay dates on July 8 and July 9, as needed.”

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