‘Feels wonderful.’ Concord veteran’s home renovated thanks to Lowe’s, Christian McCaffrey and Purple Heart Homes

Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 5:10 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - On Tuesday, a Korea War Veteran toured the renovations of his own home for the first time.

Thanks to a partnership between Lowe’s Home Team and Purple Heart Homes, veteran Grover Monk had more than a dozen projects completed at his house in just 11 days.

Lowe’s held a ceremony to present the home to Mr. Monk. Christian McCaffrey was there to put in the last nails into the brand new porch. The porch was one of the biggest changes. Not only was the porch not there beforehand, Monk wasn’t able to even get out of his house using the front door because the door was stuck shut.

That’s all changed now and Monk and his family says he’s thankful for the help.

“I could never have completed this alone,” Monk said. “Getting too old for that.”

Monk served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War as a “rifleman and machine gunner,” with the 31st Infantry Regiment (aka “Polar Bears”). He received several awards, including the National Defense Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Korean Service Medal with two Bronze Stars.

He raised his family in upstate New York, but moved to the Concord area several years ago where the majority of his family lives now.

Monk is now blind and uses a wheelchair. He’s been having an increasingly tough time getting around his house.

But thanks to McCaffery, Lowe’s Home Team and the Purple Heart Homes organization, Monk has a new lease on life.

“Feels wonderful,” Monk said.

One of the biggest renovations was to his shower. His old shower had an edge and Monk recently fell trying to get in. That was something the builders wanted to make sure never happened again.

“It’s an incredible team effort. People working until 2 in the morning, and back out here this morning at 6 a.m.,” said Brad Borders, VP of Outreach for the Purple Heart Homes organization.

Christian McCaffrey is the fifth NFL player to join the Lowe’s Home Team which works to improve family’s homes around the country.

McCaffrey said helping a veteran was important for him.

“It’s in my nature. Then I’ve been going to in to more research and figuring out more about what they do, what the men and woman who serve do, and I want to give back to them,” said McCaffrey.

Purple Heart Homes also said they found extensive termite damage in Monk’s home. They were able to replace all the wood, and basically rebuilt this house from the inside out. They also built a new roof that was in such disrepair builders say it could have easily fallen in with even a little bit of snow.

Here’s a full list of the completed projects:

  • re-building a new roof
  • installing a working door
  • adding a front porch
  • installing a handicapped accessible bathroom
  • window replacement
  • new HVAC
  • new paint
  • new kitchen and washer
  • landscaping
  • new porch/ramp
  • butterfly garden in memory of his wife

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