CMS Board of Education reviews equity report on diversity amongst teachers, school leadership

Published: Jun. 8, 2021 at 11:35 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The conversation about equity and diversity continued for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

An equity report was presented at Tuesday’s meeting. Board members examined gender and race demographics among principals, assistant principals, and teachers.

Board members say it’s worth comparing to the county’s data.

“I think that would actually be a great way for us to see are we anywhere close to what the county population looks like or are we way off,” said District 1 board member Rhonda Cheek.

2020 Census Data for Mecklenburg County shows over 57 percent of the residents are white, 33 percent are Black, nearly 14 are LatinX, over 6 percent are Asian, and less than 1 percent are American Indian/Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

CMS data for 2020-2021 for principals reports that over 53 percent are white and nearly 40 percent Black. Less than 1 percent are Latinx.

The small percentage of other minority groups continues for assistant principals. Asian, American Indian/Alaskan and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander all stand at zero percent with nearly 50 percent being white and over 45 being Black.

When it comes to teachers, Asian, Latinx, American Indian and Alaskans, and Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders make up about 5 percent of all teachers. 63 percent are White and 29 percent are Black.

Human resource officials say they are expanding recruitment efforts to get Hispanic, Latinx, and Asian teachers.

When it comes to the future - board members say it’s best to compare trends to the school system’s goals to make sure they’re aligned.

“For each of those I think there needs to be some sort of targets so that we have begun a reference point as to what does good look like? What does world-class look like? What does great look like for us in this district, in our community,” said District 6 member Sean Strain.

CMS officials also presented data on turnover rates and retention. Officials were happy to report that turnover rates in Title I schools have decreased over the last three years.

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