Molly’s Kids: Update on Fletcher Morrison

Fletcher Morrison
Fletcher Morrison(Morrison family photo)
Published: Jun. 3, 2021 at 11:46 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - “Fletcher is doing amazingly well after brain and spine surgery,” says his mom Molly Morrison. “He is healing well, has been fitted for a new brace and is now walking and standing up straighter.”

Last time we checked in on this now 8-year-old from Denver, in Lincoln County, he was having brain stem surgery for a chiari malformation. He’d been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder. The surgery was to fix what could have potentially paralyzed him. His mom says, “he handled that surgery like a champ” and has since undergone another surgery on his spine.

“He needed a lumbar spinal fusion,” mom Molly said. “Ugh. This one was harder to digest than the brain surgery. This spinal focus was to fix Fletcher’s severe case of scoliosis. His spine had reached almost a 90-degree curve and was deteriorating before our eyes. He was even beginning to have trouble with different movements. We don’t know for sure but this might be the first of three surgeries he’ll have on his spine.”

Molly says this first one was a success.

“His doctor was a lifesaver,” she said. “It took seven hours and was one of the longest seven hour stretches in my life. Recovery wasn’t as hard as we originally thought it might be, though it has left Fletcher with a rod and couple of screws in his back. He now has a thoracic brace to prevent more curvature of the bend that’s behind his heart and lungs.”

His family is, obviously, hoping things stay the way they are and “his spine doesn’t bend any further.” Time will tell.

“One thing is for sure,” said his mom. “Fletcher has done well with all of this. The tumor on his spine is stable for now and he’ll wear the brace as long as he needs. He’s getting through.”

You can read this story as a list of facts... but just remember... these facts have heavy feels for the parents relaying them.

“I was an emotional ball of nerves before the spinal fusion,” Molly said. “Now that he’s through that first spinal surgery, and the brain surgery went well, I feel better. He’s a remarkable child who continues to amaze his dad and myself every day, especially because we know there is likely more to come. We appreciate everyone who wants to know about Fletcher, and all these kids and what they face, because it’s such a different world.”

It’s not about us who want to hear, Molly. It’s about you and other parents willing to share the truth of your kids’ lives with us. Thank you.

Please keep us updated. The newer photo is fantastic. He looks so much older than the picture from the original post, two years ago.


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