“Cookies for Counseling”: New program donates percentage of proceeds to help provide free therapy to those in need

Updated: Jun. 3, 2021 at 11:09 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We’ve talked a lot about small business struggles the past year. Some had more obstacles than others and are still thriving.

The Batch Maker has become a dessert staple in Charlotte and in the four short years one woman has been running it, she has made it famous for its cookies and oatmeal cream pies. In what is a somewhat remarkable twist, she’s now trying to make it stand out for something other food.

The Batch Maker is branching out from cookies and into counseling. A new program called Cookies For Counseling will start this August when they reopen their store in its new location.

“I wanted it to mean something. Like I was doing a bigger thing, something bigger,” said owner Cris Rojas-Agurcia.

Maybe you remember what happened to the original Batch House last year; storm water flooded her out. Equipment and food were ruined.

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When Rojas-Agurcia decided to rebuild in a new location, instead of water, she was flooded with ideas.

“It just came flooding. What if I did something, counseling cookies. It was just perfect, it was good,” she said.

That’s when Counseling for Cookies was born. The program will give a percentage of every purchase towards providing free counseling and therapy for people in need.

“This one feels very intentional. The people who are eating a cookie, it’s good, it’s warm but also knowing what it means,” she said.

Counseling has always been something important to Cris, something she has personally relied on to get through hard times. She says it was especially important to her when she was pregnant with her second child.

“I was having a lot of difficulties, I was having a lot of anxiety, I was having a lot of depression and I asked for help and had already been in the field and it took a long time,” said Rojas-Agurcia.

Not only does this small business owner use therapy, she also went to school to be a counselor. She only had her internships to finish, but that’s when The Batchmaker really started to take off. In looking ahead, she says she’s mixing her two passions together in order to help others.

“It’s hard enough to ask for help and be that vulnerable. For it to be that hard to get help and the access and some people can’t even afford it. That really stayed with me,” she said.

Rojas-Agurcia is still working out the details of exactly how the program will work and who she’ll partner with but announced it on her popular social media pages and has a great response so far. She says it will be ready for full launch when Batch Maker 2.0 opens sometime this August.

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