“Everybody’s happy!” Meals On Wheels Rowan returns to daily delivery of hot meals

Updated: Jun. 2, 2021 at 3:02 PM EDT
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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A promising sign of things becoming a little more normal is the resumption of daily deliveries of hot meals as part of the Meals On Wheels program. In Rowan County the daily deliveries started up again this week. Volunteers couldn’t wait, and those who receive the meals say it’s a much-needed service for several reasons.

Volunteers, many who hadn’t made a delivery in more than a year, were back at it today.

“It’s very gratifying and it’s a very worthwhile cause for a lot of people that are hurting right now,” said volunteer Steve Jarrett.

“Today now we are doing daily deliveries, so every participant is getting a warm meal delivered every day,” said Alexandra Fisher of Rowan Meals On Wheels. “Before we were doing it twice a week, chilled meals, 2 on Monday, 3 on Thursday. We’ve kind of had to do a relearning process with volunteers, participants, even staff, so this week we’re just rolling into it.”

And roll they did…getting the food to the car and then rolling out on the road. Chris and Carol McNeely made 10 deliveries on Wednesday morning. And on the very first stop there was evidence of why the program is so important. The resident told Carol she was not doing well today. If she needed help, Carol would be able to get it.

“Very much so, yes, we always want to make sure they’re doing okay, and if not, we have emergency contacts that we can call, children or neighbors that and check on them,” Carol said.

“A lot of our participants are socially isolated,” Fisher added. “They don’t have family members or friends that can check in on them. For a lot of them that daily check in with meal delivery is the only interaction they get every day.”

Carol helped her mother deliver Meals On Wheels in the 1980′s, then worked for the organization for 5 years. Back making deliveries again, she says she loves talking to the recipients.

“I think it’s the people.” McNeely said. “They’re just lovely, they love to see you, enjoy getting the food.”

“I love being with Carol and it is very nice to help people that need it, I think that’s the best things,” Chris McNeely said.

Those who run the program were thrilled to have so many volunteers back, and along with the volunteers, are especially glad that they can now be back on the road daily.

“Chris and I have been delivering a couple of years together and we really missed it during the pandemic. We’re so happy to be back,” Carol added.

Visit to learn more about Rowan Meals On Wheels and how members of the community can volunteer and make contributions.

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