One year later, Lake Wylie, Buster Boyd Bridge looks different on Memorial Day

Published: May. 31, 2021 at 6:16 PM EDT
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LAKE WYLIE, S.C. (WBTV) -People took the extra day off from work to soak up as much sun as possible.

Many people were doing that on the water.

Buster Boyd Bridge on Lake Wylie was packed -- so much so that people are seeing a huge difference between this year and last year.

People were reacting to getting back outside since we were in the full swing of the pandemic last year.

There were jet skiers, kayakers and of course boaters.

Many of them say they did not come out here last year because they were scared of the spreading coronavirus.

”Let’s have some fun in the sun,” said one boater. ”I’m so excited about being outside today.”

”My uncle got a boat so we’re outside having fun,” said Nikoria Stewart. “It’s all about having fun today.”

But just last year, the usual busy Buster Boyd Bridge looked different.

You had a few people fishing, and some boaters, but not nearly as many people braved the waters during COVID.

”Everything was so stuffed in it was so scary. A big pandemic was happening we have never had something like that before,” said Adarian Stewart, who went on her uncle’s boat.

A quick visit to the bridge shows the difference 365 days make.

Lines down the street to use the boat ramps, people taking up every space they could on packed boats and boats narrowly missing each other on the water.

”It’s very much different. I’m just glad people are able to enjoy themselves because being stuck inside quarantine is like lose your mind type seriously,” said Stewart.

As people spent a relaxing day letting the waves guide their path, Nikoria Stewart, who worked at a testing site during COVID-19 left everyone with a Memorial Day message.

”I see a lot of people getting the vaccine so I encourage everyone to get the vaccine,” said Nikoria Stewart.

The extended weekend has not only put a smile on the faces of those on the water but those next to it as well.

Holley Watersports was born out of the pandemic.

One of the owners says they decided to open their watersports business once the pandemic was coming to an end because they knew more people would want to come out on the water.

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