Chester County deputies involved in car chase, alleged bullet firestorm come together for first time since incident

Updated: May. 26, 2021 at 11:21 PM EDT
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CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - People are meeting some of the deputies involved in tracking down and arresting Tyler Terry and his accused accomplice Adrienne Simpson for the first time.

It turned into 300 law enforcement personnel involved, but in the beginning it was just a handful.

One deputy, Sydney Canipe, says she pulled over to check a suspicious car in the Bojangles parking lot last Monday, May 17. Terry and Simpson were inside and took off leading on a 30-mile chase, with, deputies say, Terry firing at deputies the whole time.

”They’re all victims. They’re all victims of a crime. They were shot at,” says Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey.

Seven deputies were involved in this chase. Each person says they had a hand in trying to take down Tyler Terry the first night leading up to the manhunt.

”They’re real cops. And I am proud of them,” says Dorsey.

Dorsey and Patrol Leader Al Crawford spoke for the team Wednesday afternoon. They say they wanted to highlight their team’s bravery and sacrifice.

”You have to remember this guy is a serial killer. He won’t hurt anybody else. And that’s because of this shift,” says Crawford.

Dorsey says those involved took on a firestorm of bullets. But all, including Terry and Simpson, survived.

”I’m thankful to God. I’m thankful His hand was in this the whole time. That picture tells a thousand words,” says Dorsey.

It was a week these two say the team will never forget. But what these men and one woman endured that first night, together, Crawford says will forever bond them.

”Just like any other profession when you have something tragic happens and you survive that tragedy it brings you closer together. You probably couldn’t separate these men and women if you want to,” says Crawford.

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