Warrants: Adrienne Simpson admits she and Terry killed her husband, dumped body in Chester, S.C.

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 4:54 PM EDT
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CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - Warrants obtained Tuesday reveal new details into the murder of one of the four alleged victims of a man who led authorities on a week-long manhunt in Chester County, South Carolina.

Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson are both charged with murder in the death of Eugene Simpson, Adrienne’s husband. They are also both charged in connection with multiple other crimes and three other murders across at least two states.

According to the warrants, Adrienne Simpson admitted to investigators that she and Terry shot and killed Eugene Simpson before the pair dumped his body in a ditch on Stroud Road in Chester. The killing happened on May 2, but Eugene was only reported as missing.

By the time Eugene Simpson’s body was found, Adrienne Simpson was already behind bars following a police chase that included shots being fired at deputies, and the manhunt for Terry was on day two. Terry had also already been named as a suspect in the death of Thomas Hardin in York, S.C.

Over the course of the next five days, investigators would reveal Terry and Adrienne were also suspects in the death of 70-year-old Barbara Goodkin in St. Louis. Police say Terry and Simpson shot Goodkin and her husband, Stanley, who survived.

After Adrienne’s arrest, WBTV spoke with her mother, Carol DeWitt. She said spoke to her daughter in a brief phone call from the Chester County Jail in S.C.

“She told me to tell her kids that she loved them,” said DeWitt. “And I said, ‘Adrienne, what were you thinking?’ She told me she was manipulated.”

DeWitt said her daughter and Eugene had been separated for several years, but remained friends. She also said her daughter started dating Tyler Terry in 2018.

“It was toxic. He was abusive physically, verbally, mentally.”

DeWitt took photos of Adrienne after she says Terry was arrested for beating her.

Adrienne Simpson's mother, Carol DeWitt, took this photo after she said Tyler Terry was...
Adrienne Simpson's mother, Carol DeWitt, took this photo after she said Tyler Terry was arrested after beating her.(Provided photo)

“She told me she’s scared of Tyler. She told me that a couple of times,” said DeWitt. “I said, ‘Why do you keep going back?’ She said, ‘Mama, I love him. He might change if I just hang in there.’ I said, ‘Adrienne, it aint’ worth it.”

A little over a year ago, Chester County deputies arrested Terry for first degree domestic violence. Terry is accused of hitting Adrienne so hard, she lost hearing in her right ear and her eye was swollen shut.

DeWitt said her daughter visited her just before Mother’s Day, and mentioned that Thomas Hardin was killed and Eugene Simpson was missing.

“Did it cross your mind at all that she may be involved in any of that,” asked WBTV’s Kristi O’Connor.

“Not about Eugene, you know? I just don’t really see Adrienne murdering nobody… I really can’t,” said DeWitt.

Investigators have not reveled a possible motive for the murders of Eugene Simpson or Thomas Hardin.

While Adrienne Simpson was arrested shortly after the police chase in South Carolina, Tyler Terry would remain on the run for a week until being captured on May 24.

He appeared in court the following day, where he was denied bond on all his charges.

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