Chester County community grateful ‘stressful’ week is over, Tyler Terry is in custody

Updated: May. 24, 2021 at 5:02 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The Chester County community is grateful Monday night, knowing that Tyler Terry is no longer on the loose.

Families are finding their own ways to show their gratitude.

The Blankenship family watched as their father, a Fort Mill police officer, left the house Sunday to join the search for Terry.

When they heard the news that he was in custody, they wanted to do something.

The family drove over to the law enforcement staging area and stood outside of their car holding a police flag and cheering on the officers as they left the site.

“We wanted to support our dad and all the other first responders because they’ve been really working really hard,” Abbey and Ella Blankenship told WBTV.

The good news spread throughout Chester County quickly.

“I got the text from a friend who was down on scene that they got him and we were all happy,” Scotty Hill, who runs local restaurant Country Omelet, said. “It was a big weight lifted off everyone’s shoulders.”

Hill says it was a scary week for customers at the Country Omelet and his family.

“Stressful for my wife and my son at home,” he said. “She’s a school teacher right around where it was going down. People are glad it’s over and it ended safely.”

Customer Lorraine Norris says at one point Terry was spotted not far from where she lives.

“Both of us live alone and of course, I don’t know how to shoot a gun but I’d probably try ya know!” she said.

She’s thankful it never came to that.

“I want to really thank the police for all they’ve done for us,” she said.

A murder suspect at the center of a week-long manhunt in Chester County is in custody.

Law enforcement officers are feeling that same gratitude for the community.

Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey and several other deputies walked over to the Blankenship family to thank them for taking the time to wave a police flag near their staging area.

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