SC manhunt suspect now wanted for St. Louis area killings

Updated: May. 20, 2021 at 9:14 PM EDT
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BRENTWOOD, MO. (WBTV) - Law enforcement officers in the St. Louis, Missouri area now saying Tyler Terry, the murder suspect believed to be on the run in Chester County, South Carolina, is responsible for multiple killings in the St. Louis area.

Police from the Brentwood Police Department and University City Police Department in Missouri gathered for a press conference Thursday. Law enforcement displayed photos of Tyler Terry, and Adrienne Simpson, the woman Terry is believed to have been traveling with.

Brentwood Police Chief Joseph Spiess explained to reporters that investigators think Terry and Simpson are responsible for two separate shootings that happened in the St. Louis area this past weekend.

The chief explained that the violent crimes happened on the night of Saturday, May 15. Police believe Terry and Simpson stole a license plate from a vehicle and were then involved in two separate deadly shootings.

The first shooting happened shortly before 11 p.m. in the 8200 block of Delmar Blvd. in the University City area of St. Louis. Police said Terry and Simpson shot two people sitting in a vehicle, 70-year-old Barbara Goodkin and her husband, Stanley. While Stanley Goodkin survived, Barbara was killed.

Barbara Goodkins
Barbara Goodkins(Major Case Squad | University City Police | Major Case Squad | University City Police)

Police believe Terry and Simpson then carried out another shooting just an hour later and a few miles away in Brentwood, Missouri. The suspects are accused of shooting and killing Dr. Sergei Zacharev outside of a hotel on Eager Road.

“When we were at the scene of the murder in Brentwood on Saturday night, it was…it caught everybody’s attention that our victim had been shot numerous times and then when we found out from University City that their victims had been fired at numerous times, just the level of violence speaks to their mindset,” said Spiess about the suspects.

The Brentwood police chief said that detectives believe both shooting incidents were the result of robberies. He said both killings also appear to be isolated incidents.

Spiess said detectives believe Simpson and Terry went to north St. Louis to buy drugs the day after the St. Louis killings, and then returned to South Carolina.

“We cannot find a tie to either one of these people to St. Louis. Right now, the way this appears, is that this modern-day version of Bonnie and Clyde do several violent crimes in South Carolina and travel across the country,” said Spiess.

While Simpson is now in custody in South Carolina, Terry is thought to be at-large and evading law enforcement.

Spiess said detectives from Missouri are now traveling to South Carolina to interview Simpson. The police chief said he does not believe Terry has any reason to try to return to the St. Louis area.

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