Cabarrus Dream Center meeting many needs under one roof

Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 3:18 PM EDT
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CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - A unique effort has been underway in Cabarrus County since 2019 to help those who are most in need, whether that means housing, healthcare, addictions, or other services, and the big benefit is that it is all under one roof.

As the organization’s web site puts it, “The Cabarrus Dream Center has the vision of uniting local organizations to provide a centralized location where the underserved are offered assistance and resources. Before the Cabarrus Dream Center, many people traveled to numerous locations in the county in order to receive the necessary assistance from the community. At the Cabarrus Dream Center, people become better equipped to rise up out of seemingly impossible situations.”

“We seek to provide our clients with various resources pertaining to alleviation of poverty, homelessness, drug abuse/addiction, family crises, human trafficking, behavioral health challenges, and housing disparity.”

Pastor Gwen Stowers of Multiply Church says that when people find themselves in desperate situations, there are four things that have they have to have: “Those things are having socio-economic resources, having healthcare support, having mental health support, and having the faith community initiatives.”

And Stowers says the Cabarrus Dream Center exists to meet those needs. Located in a strip center in Concord on Concord Parkway South, it is a collaboration of local organizations, local government, and faith partners.

“So in this place we feel like we can offer them all of the hope they don’t even know that they need so that they can come out of the situation that they are in and come to a place where they are viable in the community where their children can thrive and be successful for their community,” Stowers said. “It’s like one thing leads to another to another, people don’t realize how many needs they have until they come to a place like this and we say you don’t have to keep living like this, you can come up out of this situation.”

Homelessness, addictions, poverty, health challenges, and more are all addressed at the Cabarrus Dream Center. The Corner Field Market works like a grocery store with carts and aisles and choices for those who need food. Another space will soon be home to Present Age Ministries to deal with human trafficking that is on the rise in Cabarrus and surrounding counties.

“This ministries one focus is to rescue these young women and bring them back and give them hope that they can be fully restored,” said Volunteer Advocate Doug Stafford.

Cooperative Christian Ministries has space too. In one room clients can use desktop computers to apply for jobs, take courses, and work on resumes.

“A person can come to this location and pretty much be referred to anything they need in that moment,” Stowers said.

The biggest benefit, leaders say, is that this is one place that provides so many services. Gwen’s motivation, she says, comes from a lesson her father taught her about how to best help those in need.

“By being able to share with our community a way to give hope without giving that money hand out because that’s not what they need,” Stowers said. “They need the hope of Jesus, they need the hope of a roof over their head, they need the hope of knowing that their child is going to be fed, and sometimes they don’t even know it.”

The Cabarrus Dream Center is connected to Multiply Church in Concord. Multiply Church is a “thriving multi-cultural, multi-generational, mission-minded, multiplying movement.”

The church is involved with the Cabarrus Dream Center because part of the Multiply Church DNA is Hebrews 10:39, which motivates followers to “not shrink back” from the call of God to rebuild lives and restore hope.

Stowers said that while the Cabarrus Dream Center is a community funded project, all financial support flows through the Multiply Church Dream Center fund. If you would like to contribute financially, click here.

Those interested in serving with the Dream Center can visit:

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