‘I can’t operate without gas’: Ride-share drivers, lawn services worried about gas shortage

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 5:39 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Gas stations across the Charlotte metro are running out of gas.

That’s partly due to panic buying.

However, experts are warning us all not to rush out and fill up our tanks if we don’t have to because it could create a much bigger problem.

And business owners who rely on full gas tanks hope you won’t do it either.

“This morning I had to get diesel from my truck and no problem at all,” said Frank Murphy, who owns a lawn care business.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, long lines at the pump were a big problem for Murphy, and his business.

“There are people who really need it, just like me, Murphy said. “Imagine your grass not being cut for two or three weeks because someone’s hoarding gas.”

Murphy owns his own lawncare business. So it’s not just his car -- but all of his vital equipment that rely on gasoline.

“I can’t operate without gas. I got to have it,” Murphy said. “Don’t panic. It’s out there. You just have to be patient.”

Even though experts warned not to rush to the gas stations, people still panicked and filled up their tanks. Now, many gas stations are out completely and that makes ride share drivers nervous.

“I have bills to pay, the kids got to eat,” said Tay Capris, who is ride-share driver.

But now she’s having to pick up more shifts at her second job keeping the issues with gasoline in mind.

“Getting here to work is only like 7 miles from my house, it’s not that far. But driving Uber, I’m going to be using more gasoline,” she said.

And if gas prices go up, she might not be able to afford to work.

“It could be very expensive. If they’re charging like $5 a gallon, that could be like $50, $60 dollars to fill up your car,” she said.

Experts say there isn’t a shortage of gasoline because of the shutdown due to cyberattack with the Colonial Pipeline, instead you’re seeing empty pumps because people are rushing to gas stations, filling up and hoarding gasoline.

So bottom line, experts say to only fill up if you need it.

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