VIDEO: Cabarrus deputy, Wildlife officer capture alligator yards away from church daycare

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 11:17 AM EDT
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CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A deputy from the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office and a Wildlife officer were able to successfully trap and relocate an alligator that was discovered yards away from a church daycare.

“Yeah, we obviously try not to get bit since we don’t have a lot of formal training in alligator wrangling. Just trying to keep it away from us, get it subdued safely for the alligator without harming it,” said Lt. James Torelli of the Cabarrus Sheriff’s Office.

A worker from the daycare at Shiloh United Methodist Church on Odell School Road discovered the alligator on Monday afternoon while walking to the mailbox. The gator, estimated to be about three feet long, was in a small pool of water that had collected in a small ditch.

The worker called the sheriff’s office and the deputy responded, along with the Wildlife officer. The alligator was successfully captured without being harmed.

A neighbor brought over a large Tupperware container and the alligator was placed in the container to a facility in eastern North Carolina.

“Well I was coming home from the grocery store, kind of glanced over there and ‘oh Lord, what’s going on,” Zachary Galyan said. “I just went and got a Tupperware because they didn’t have no crates or nothing with them.”

“Well, it’s not a call we get often,” said Lt. Torelli. “We refer to Wildlife in situations like that. We did send an officer out along with Wildlife was able to capture the alligator, go ahead and tape his mouth shut and transport it to an alligator rehab facility.”

Deputies say the alligator was likely a pet that someone may have put outside when it grew too big to handle.

“When you buy these exotic animals, especially reptiles, they do grow and they are wild animals and they can be dangerous,” Lt. Torelli said. “Just make sure you have an adequate place in your home to keep them because when you discard them out in the public they become a hazard for everybody.”

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