Watauga County, town of Boone bedecked in blue to show support for fallen deputies

Updated: May. 3, 2021 at 4:25 PM EDT
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BOONE, N.C. (WBTV) - The pain of the loss of Watauga County deputies Logan Fox and Christopher Ward is being felt today and this week throughout Watauga County. In Boone there are reminders everywhere in the form of blue ribbons and signs to show support for law enforcement.

Nine miles outside of Boone on Highway 421 there’s tribute by the side of the road that includes a large picture Fox and Ward. In quaint but busy downtown Boone along King Street, the blue ribbons adorn the doors of most businesses and offices.

“Boone is a relatively small place,” said David Jackson, President of the Boone Area Chamber. “Everybody is tangled in somehow with one another and so it feels very personal to so many of us here. That’s part of the resilience of this community. When tough times happen we tend to unite and rally behind each other.”

Lexi Snoke from Charlotte says that’s why the ribbon is on the door at Mountaineer Mania.

“It has been a symbol that shows that the community stands with each other after the tragic events of last Wednesday,” Snoke said. “Even people that don’t live here are really rallying behind us and there’s been a lot of support.”

The guitar in the hand of the statue of Doc Watson is fixed with a ribbon and on the ASU campus preparations are under way at the Holmes Convocation Center for the Thursday funeral service. It’s normally a place for happy times, basketball games and graduations, but this week it will be the site where the community can focus its grief and remember the terrible loss.

“I think that’s been very helpful in the grieving and healing process is to see that neighbors do care about neighbors, we care about each other and we want to see that support,” Jackson said.

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