People shout for justice as public viewing held for Andrew Brown Jr. in Elizabeth City, N.C.

People shout for justice as public viewing held for Andrew Brown Jr. in Elizabeth City, N.C.

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WBTV/WITN) - People marched the streets of an Eastern North Carolina town Sunday afternoon calling for justice the day before Andrew Brown Jr. will be laid to rest.

A public viewing is taking place at The Museum of the Albemarle at 501 S. Water Street, Elizabeth City.

Hundreds were expected to pay tribute to Brown, who was fatally shot by law enforcement officers on April 21.

The family asked the public to be loud, but to keep the protests peaceful.

Protesters and community leaders continue pushing for unanswered questions in Brown’s death.

Sunday was the 12th-straight day of protests, as demonstrators, who have kept the protests, for the most part, peaceful, say they demand accountability.

Brown’s family led Sunday’s march.

Those marching had a touching moment at the home where Brown died, and where a mural now stands in his honor.

Brown’s aunt, Lillie Brown Clark, thanked protesters for honoring her nephew’s memory and the movement it created in Elizabeth City.

“It cannot be said that Elizabeth City showed any disrespect for this cause because you have not,” Brown Clark said. “You have blessed us, you have blessed this family that you have stayed the course all week. And I have to commend you thank you praise you and I thank God for you. You have been relentless.”

Brown’s youngest daughter led chants for a stretch of the march, yelling out justice for her father.

The crowd chanted “No justice, no peace,” along with the name “Andrew Brown.”

Elizabeth City extended the curfew to midnight on Friday but some people say the demonstrations could have been handled better.

Portions of law enforcement body camera video were showed to the family last week. However, the family said they were only shown 20 seconds of the video.

On Monday, the invite-only funeral will take place at noon at the Fountain of Life Church in Elizabeth City.

Reverend Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy at Brown’s funeral.

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