Neighbors asking for help along ‘Dead Man’s Curve’

Updated: Apr. 23, 2021 at 10:06 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s a notorious stretch of roadway in Cabarrus County that neighbors say they’re terrified to live next to. The corner of Odell School Road and Windy Road has become synonymous with bad traffic accidents for years. Residents say drivers are taking the curve at extreme speeds and crashing into fields, trees and each other.

“My hell, welcome to my hell,” said Amy Michelle Jones. “It’s called ‘Dead Man’s Curve.’ There’s a lot of choice words actually for this road. It’s a deadly, dangerous, ridiculous road.”

It’s the beast that lurks out the front door. The intersection of Odell School Road and Windy Road known to many as Dead Man’s Curve has got neighbors fed up.

“People drive crazy,” said one neighbor.

The roadway has certainly earned its ominous reputation. Neighbors have documented dozens of accidents from the simple to the downright frightening.

“People are getting hurt, people are dying,” said Jones.

Jones owns a forty-acre farm along Odell School Road. Even though it’s marked for farm equipment she says there is sometimes little regard for safety.

“And if I go .08 of a mile on my tractor with my blinkers on, and you can’t wait you need to pass me into a blind curve over a double yellow? You’re, you’re asking for a voluntary manslaughter charge.”

The problem is how this road is laid out. It splits off taking a ninety-degree dog leg left which isn’t well marked, especially at night. Just this morning, a motorcycle went down in the curve. The biker rushed to the hospital, but neighbors tell me they heard he was going to be okay.

“Cars and trucks and all have come down and either turned over ort hit the tree over here,” said longtime resident Ron Goodnight.

Scars on the landscape as well as the roadway paint the picture. Residents tell me they’ve asked the Department of Transportation for help, but so far nothing’s been done.

“I would love the D.O.T. to put in a traffic circle to force people to slow down,” one resident who didn’t want to be identified told us.

But until that happens people who live on this road will just have to deal with the consequences of inaction.”

“I don’t want to be the one that’s dead, to get something done here,” Jones said.

We did talk to the Highway Patrol and while they are well aware of the problems at this intersection, they tell WBTV it doesn’t even rank in the top five of dangerous roadways.

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