CMS parents thrilled to have 30% capacity at football games, other spring athletics

For many stadiums, this change will double the amount of people who can extend starting this Friday.
Updated: Apr. 23, 2021 at 5:03 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This Friday night, more fans are being allowed at Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school football games.

Parents have been pushing for this for months. CMS was previously only allowing up to 500 people but now that’s expanding.

“We were only allowed two tickets per player. This is hard if you come from a blended family. You want stepmom and stepdad to be a part of it. You want grandparents to be a part of it. And they weren’t allowed,” said CMS parent, Trissa Provost.

CMS announced this week they’d move to 30% capacity for high school football games. Previously they were only allowing 500 people, which was different than the Governor’s recommendation. For many CMS high school stadiums the change doubles the amount of people allowed in to watch the games. Parents spent weeks advocating for the change.

“Now we can have students there, extended families, the team itself is so happy. It’s just uplifted out team to know we have the extra support,” she said.

Trissa Provost’s son is a senior at Hough High School. She said the thought of not watching his final games broke her heart. She wants the rest of her family to be able to see him play, too.

“As a parent, it’s heart wrenching. When you’ve grown up traveling and taking him to every game and driven to practices and when they’re in their final moments and you don’t get to be a part of it, it’s just not okay,” she said.

At Hough High School, 1,200 people can be at the games according to Provost. She and her friend, Elaine Young will be there tonight.

“Trissa and I have spent months fighting to get our kids into practices, off season work outs, on to the field. On to the school. Months and months,” said Elaine Young.

Elaine son’s plays at Hickory Ridge High School in Cabarrus County. You might think the CMS capacity change wouldn’t affect her son, but she says it does when they visit their campuses.

“We play CMS schools. Were in the same conferences,” she said.

CMS families are excited about the chance for the entire family to see a football Friday night. But they still have questions about why the decision was made in the first place.

“They’ve added a lot of unneeded stress. A lot of unneeded heartbreak for players and families. So happy they’re finally listening and upping it to 30% but prior to that we had a lot of parents stressing they wouldn’t be able to see their kids plays,” said Provost. “I just don’t think they were thinking of families as a whole.”

The 30% capacity applies to football and all other spring sports for both outdoor and indoor athletic facilities. Masks are still required.

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