Homeless encampment required to vacate from underneath NCDOT property north of uptown

Homeless encampment required to vacate from underneath NCDOT property north of uptown

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A small homeless encampment on NCDOT property is being asked to leave.

On Wednesday, Mecklenburg County Public Health Director Gibbie Harris addressed the matter saying this was not done because of a directive or abatement order.

Harris says it is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure people leave the area if they can no longer stay there.

An NCDOT spokesperson from Division 10 responded in a statement.

Division staff was notified recently by local officials of safety concerns at a homeless encampment underneath a bridge on I-277 in Charlotte. We have been working closely with local stakeholders, and local nonprofits are working with people at the encampment to secure beds for those homeless individuals at the camp. It is our hope this process will be finished before the end of next week. Only after all the individuals have left the site will the N.C. Department of Transportation start cleaning the area.

Harris says she was told NCDOT is preparing to make repairs to the bridge.

The county is only monitoring the site to make sure there isn’t a public health or safety issue.

Harris says her staff has noticed some rodent activity but nothing that requires an abatement order like the one she issued in February for Tent City.

“The only reason we’re involved is that my staff are continuing to assess sites across the city and the county to make sure that we’re not getting to the point that we did with the north end encampment and allowing us to have those conversations early on with the owners of those properties,” Harris said.

The county is not opening up hotel space, but an outreach team from Roof Above is offering shelter to people who need it.

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