Post-rezoning, 3 Rock Hill elementary schools will have open enrollment for next year

Post-rezoning, 3 Rock Hill elementary schools will have open enrollment for next year
Students at York Road Elementary School participate in an activity at the school near the Brag Tag Booth. At the school, PAWS stands for polite, accountable, works hard and safe to reinforce the PBIS message. Students who behave well also receive plastic paws to hang on their student ID and save up for prizes. (Source: Tracy Kimball | Rock Hill Herald)

ROCK HILL, S.C. (ROCK HILL HERALD) - A final piece of the Rock Hill elementary school rezoning plan has been put in motion.

The Rock Hill School District, which restructured its elementary school attendance lines earlier this year, has opened enrollment for families with children in kindergarten through fifth grade to apply to attend Lesslie, Mt. Holly or York Road elementary schools for the 2021-22 school year.

These three schools were chosen because they were not “at or above 75% enrollment capacity,” according to a release from the district.

Applications must be submitted to the district on or before May 7 at 3 p.m. You can download the application from the district website.

The decision to open enrollment was first discussed by the Rock Hill Schools Board of Trustees months ago, on the heels of the district’s vote to rezone up to 3,746 elementary students and effectively close three schools: Finley Road, Rosewood and Belleview.

The district made that rezoning decision, in large part, because its 14 elementary school buildings weren’t being used efficiently: Nine of the 14 elementary school buildings were under 65% enrollment capacity — well below the district’s target of 75% capacity — before February’s vote.

Opening enrollment to Lesslie, Mt. Holly and York Road appears to share the same spirit as the rest of the district’s rezoning plan.


  • Students who apply will be enrolled into their new school as space allows, the release said. In situations where there are more applications than available space, “a lottery” will be held.
  • Once admitted to the new school, a student will complete his or her elementary years there “unless tardies, absences, late pick-ups and/or early dismissals become excessive.”
  • The district will not provide school bus transportation to students participating in open enrollment.

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