Peaches took a hit, other crops fared better during Easter weekend freeze in Lincoln Co.

Freezing temperatures impact fruit crops in Lincoln County

TOLUCA, N.C. (WBTV) - Easter weekend weather was not kind to many farmers in Lincoln County. Those who grow peaches felt the sting of freezing weather.

“It was down to 23 degrees in some orchard areas,” said farmer Alan Davis.

His early variety of peaches took the brunt of it, he said on Friday.

“Our first variety got frozen out completely,” he said.

Damage is just now showing up in the orchards. Everything had some damage but later varieties of peaches and the apples too appear to have survived well enough for good crop. It will mean a longer wait for peaches to show up on the roadside stands but by the middle to later part of June they could be there.

Growers say they’ll have to watch carefully because there have been times in the past when damage was hidden for weeks.

One crop that came through the freeze well was the strawberries. Growers used covers or water to protect them from the cold and it worked.

At Knob Creek Orchards, the plants are filled with green berries. Farmer Jeff Crotts thinks it will be a big crop.

“I think we’ll start picking at the end of next week,” he said.

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