Man gets sofa replaced after WBTV’s calls

Updated: Apr. 9, 2021 at 6:08 PM EDT
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MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. (WBTV) - For nearly four months, a Charlotte area man has been trying to get his new sofa replaced after the material started peeling.

But that changed faster after calls from WBTV.

It looked like leather, smelled like leather, but months later, Stephen Ellis learned his Ashley Homestore sofa was not leather and nearly ended up costing him $1,025.99.

We were told it was one thing and we bought something else,” said Ellis.

Ellis purchased what he thought was a leather loveseat and sofa from Ashley Homestore in July 2020.

The total cost of the loveseat, sofa, and delivery fee was $2,707.95.

They were delivered in August.

In January 2021, he started noticing his $1,000 sofa was changing colors and peeling.

“What I thought was the stain of the leather, this mahogany color that’s on the leather, was peeling off or coming off where exactly my headset laid on the back of the cushion.”

Ellis took pictures, and in February, returned to the store.

He says he was told the sofa would probably be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty but to call the client services line, which he did.

“And then they told me that, ‘Oh well, that’s not covered because that’s considered Nu leather, N-u Leather, as opposed to real leather, natural leather.’”

For months, it’s been a battle until he contacted WBTV.

We went online and saw the sofa was advertised as “mahogany leather match upholstery, which features top-grain leather”.

It even says the arm, cushion, and inside back of the couch are 100% leather.

“Had we been told that this product we were buying that we thought was real leather was actually a faux or Nu leather, then we wouldn’t have purchased it.”

Next we contacted Ashley Furniture Industries, who told us in a statement, “it has been determined that the customer received inaccurate information during the issue claim process regarding the products material and warranty.”

They also say they’ve scheduled a product exchange, so Ellis will be getting a brand new sofa.

“I want people to know that there are stores out there that sell something that may not be what it is.”

When you’re shopping for a leather sofa, it’s important to realize there are different types of leather. We’re happy to report, Ashley says, the new $1,000 sofa will be arriving soon.

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