Emergency responders free man trapped beneath collapsed porch roof in Landis

Landis first responders rescue man from porch collapse

LANDIS, N.C. (WBTV) - In Landis on Thursday morning a man working on his front porch was pinned to the ground and trapped when the roof of the porch fell on top of him. It took quite an effort by firefighters and emergency workers to stabilize the damage before they could rescue the man.

Neighbor Dawn Horne heard the crash just after 10:30.

“And I started hollering,” Horne said, “but it wasn’t until I head the sirens that I came out.”

When Horne stepped out of her front door and looked across E. Rice Street, she saw firefighters and responders doing their best to save a man pinned under a roof that collapsed on top of him. The man was face down with part of that roof on his back.

“So we had access to a crawl space underneath the deck, kind of a void space there,” said Zachary Lechette, Landis Public Safety Director

They sent personnel under the deck, but before they could do that, they had to use rescue jacks and wood blocks to keep the roof from falling further, and to shore up the deck before putting people beneath it.

“While we were under there we were able to formulate a plan as to what the best extrication method would be,” Lechette added. “That was the best case scenario to get him out.”

The victim was lowered down into the crawl space, and then pulled out through the entrance with emergency responders close behind.

While on the stretcher the victim was moving and talking before being taken to the ambulance.

“I’m glad that he’s alive and I’m praying that nothing serious is wrong,” Horne said.

Once the patient was on his way, firefighters needed to secure the house so that no one would be hurt, and that involved pulling down what was left of that front porch roof.

Lechette praised the efforts of everyone involved, from Landis firefighters and police, to the partners that played a big role.

“I’d just like to thank Kannapolis Fire Department, China Grove Fire Department, Rowan County Rescue, Rowan County EMS, and Novant for their help in this situation today,” Lechette added.

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