COVID-19 vaccine clinic in the spotlight, literally, in Ashe County

Ashe County Civic Center repurposed for vaccine clinic

WEST JEFFERSON, NC (WBTV) - COVID-19 vaccine clinics have been held in many unusual locations in North Carolina recently.

From a speedway, to a coliseum, to churches and more, but in Ashe County - they tried something else: the Ashe Civic Center.

The center is designed with a stage that’s ready made for Broadway-style shows and music acts.

These days, though, it’s being used in the fight against COVID-19. On stage this week are nurses and other professionals helping to facilitate vaccinations.

“I think it is amazing how it’s working,” said Jennifer Greene, Director of Appalachian Health District that includes Ashe County.

It came about when Arts Council Executive Director Jeff Fissel offered the Center to handle the vaccinations.

The Center wasn’t being used because of the coronavirus and had the space necessary for vaccinators to work and people getting the shots to socially distance while waiting out the 15-minute post-shot observation period.

Fissel says the goal is to beat back the coronavirus and get back to normal life and entertainment at the Civic Center. The shot clinics are the way to do it, he thinks.

“Hopefully this is the last act of COVID and the beginning of returning to performing arts again at the Civic Center,” said Fissel.

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