Charlotte homeowners say construction crews left mess on property

Updated: Apr. 6, 2021 at 12:19 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - An eyesore in one neighborhood has a homeowner squaring off against a local builder.

The homeowner says a construction crew has created a mess on their lawn and no one from the company will return their calls until WBTV got involved.

The Robinsons live in Charlotte, right next to two new construction homes. They’re separated by a fence. But they say that fence isn’t enough to keep the problems out.

“Some people have no respect for other people’s property,” said Jackie Robinson.

Robinson and his wife take great pride in their home and landscaping, but in January, they started noticing problems with their lawn being torn up and some landscaping was damaged. Robinson says a construction crew from Vista Homes building homes next door took down a metal fence between the property, and in the process, left quite a mess on their property.

“But then when I saw them walk away from the job and start working on this house without taking notice to what they did to outside of the property,” Robinson said.

Robinson says they took out grass, trees, and shrubbery on his property, leaving metal poles, rocks, roots, and hay.

“A week or two later I confronted them and asked them when they’re going to come over and fix it,” Robinson said.

Robinson says a crew member told him he would try and straighten out the situation and just put down more hay.

“So my wife started calling these folks. She’s called them, she’s sent them pictures, emailed them, and we never heard any response,” Robinson said.

That’s when they called WBTV. We contacted Zeb Moser, who is one of the owners of Vista Homes.

Moser wouldn’t talk on camera but told WBTV’s Dee Dee Gatton this is the first he had heard of any problems in the neighborhood.

Moser said they want to be a good neighbor and would immediately address the problems. The next morning, Moser sent video of his crews working at the home to fix the lawn and adding fresh seed and straw.

The Robinsons want to know why no one at the company would answer their calls until they contacted WBTV. Tonight, after three months of waiting, things are finally looking better.

“We’re not trying to hassle anybody, but you just can’t leave this like this. You know, straighten up your mess,” Robinson said.

If you’re ever experiencing problems in your neighborhood, look for the construction superintendent to address your concerns.

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