Art being used to get the word out about Covid-19 vaccines

Updated: Apr. 1, 2021 at 9:27 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We’ve all heard the messaging on how important it is to get your Covid vaccinations when your number is called. But what about the people we share our community with who may not be getting that word clearly because they speak another language? City officials held an art competition to stress the importance of getting the shot in some underserved communities.

“We’re seeing results.”

Jose Hernandez Paris with the Latin-American Coalition likes the numbers he’s seeing when it comes to the vaccination rates in the Latin-X community.

“Yesterday we vaccinated five-hundred and eighteen people. And we have more vaccinations coming up,” said Hernandez-Paris.

To help get the word out about the importance of vaccinations and to help curb the pandemic, Mecklenburg County commissioned several artists to put ink to canvas and come up with something that touches hearts as well as minds. Each piece of art appears in a different language assuring the message is received no matter the cultural boundaries, or immigration status.

“I think at the beginning there were concerns. But I think as people have heard from others about the communications that’s required – or not required, and the availability of the vaccines and the messaging is regardless of your status, we want you to get vaccinated,” Hernandez-Paris said.

The posters feature such languages as French, Russian, Spanish, Hindi and Vietnamese. The vaccines are coming, and the hope is with art as the messenger, more people will come out too.

“We have more vaccinations coming up and I think people are responding so the messaging is working, and I think people are excited to have the opportunity to get vaccinated,” said Hernandez-Paris.

City officials are also passing out fliers in even more languages like Korean and Swahili. They want to make sure they cover as many people in the county as they can.

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