Charlotte activist fighting for solutions after cousin gunned down in NW Charlotte

Charlotte activist fighting for solutions after cousin gunned down in northwest Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A string of deadly shootings involving young people have those living in northwest Charlotte communities on edge.

Some of the victims of these recent crimes are teenagers, and in one case a 7-year-old girl.

On Wednesday, March 24, 21-year-old Davyon Farrer was shot and killed on Beatties Ford Road.

Local activist Mario Black with the Million Youth March of Charlotte is holding a balloon release in his honor.

It hits close to home because Davyon Farrer was his cousin.

”I worry a lot,” Chandra Farrer, Davyon’s mother, told WBTV.

Farrer has more on her mind than any parent ever should.

She lost her brother, 30 year old Cinquay Farrer, in December to gun violence.

She now lost her 21-year-old son on Wednesday.

They were both killed near the parking lot of the A to Z Convenience Mart off Beatties Ford Road

”The same thing,” Farrer said. “I pulled up and saw the white sheet and my bottom of my son’s shoes.”

She also has two other sons.

”Makes me afraid to even let my children go anywhere without calling them every five minutes,” she said.

Her cousin, Mario Black, dedicates his life to preventing the gun violence plaguing his community.

”It’s a state of emergency and we’ve been in this state for years now,” Black said.

He says there are several root issues, including young people not having anywhere to go.

”The rec centers to go to, the pools and a lot of that has closed down in our communities,” he said.

He also says they need more guidance and better role models.

”Parenting has gotten younger over the years,” he said. “We have babies raising babies. Moms being friends with their kids, dads being friends with their kids and not being the parents.”

He’s working with other groups to help kids before it’s too late.

He says it will take a community coming together so that parents don’t have to keep feeling this pain.

”Davyon had a heart of gold,” she said. “Anyone he came into contact with, he made them smile.”

She also said she was grateful for the CMPD officers who checked on her son and formed a relationship with him in the community. She says it was emotional for them as well when they realized he was the victim in this shooting.

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