Rowan man who lost both parents to COVID-19 says getting vaccine was an emotional experience

Parents of Shane Peoples died holding hands within minutes of each other in September

Second dose for son of couple who died of COVID-19

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - For one local family, getting the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was especially emotional. You may remember stories about Shane Peoples of Salisbury.

His parents died from COVID-19 in September. They died within minutes of each, holding hands.

Like 100′s of other cars, the red Nissan Rogue made its way through the parking lot of the vaccination clinic in Rowan County. For Shane Peoples, this was about much more than getting a shot in the arm.

“They were married 48 years… been together 50… they walked hand-in-hand for those 50 years,” Peoples said.

And in September, Shane’s mom and dad passed away hand-in-hand.

“The nurses gathered around,” Peoples said, “and they passed within four minutes of each other.”

Shane says he was robbed of the love and companionship of his parents and wanted to keep anyone else from having the same experience. He’s been outspoken when it comes to following COVID-19 protocols after seeing what the virus did to his parents.

“After losing loved ones, feeling everything first hand, going through sitting there watching them just deteriorate,” Peoples added. “It was my parents, I loved them so much.”

Rowan County couple die from COVID-19 holding hands, within four minutes of each other

So today as he and wife Malinda rolled up their sleeves for the second dose, his parents were on his mind.

“It’s wonderful,” Peoples said. “On the way up here I just thought about calling my mom and telling her that we’re getting the second dose and it hit hard. I wish my parents were here to get their vaccines.”'

He says this act was the best way to honor their memory, and to protect others. Shane says there’s something else he’d like to see.

“Be kind to everyone. Do what you need to do to protect and protect others, that’s all I need from you,” Peoples said.

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