All South Carolinians will be eligible for vaccine Wednesday. Here’s what to know.

Published: Mar. 30, 2021 at 6:37 PM EDT
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ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Vaccinations will open to everyone age 16 and up in South Carolina.

As more people become eligible for the vaccine, many will be going through the appointment process for the first time.

South Carolina has the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are available for anyone 18 years old and older.

Those ages 16 and 17 can only get Pfizer vaccine.

It is the only vaccine approved for use in people as young as 16. Also, 16- and 17-year-olds do not need parental consent to get a vaccine.

There is not a sure way to make sure you are getting Pfizer.

Some online appointment providers show which two-dose vaccine they have, Pfizer or Moderna, when signing up for a dose. If someone does not know which they are getting, call the provider.

When you are ready to get an appointment, it is available online here or you can call the state’s call center at 1-866-365-8110 who can help people with any questions.

Pharmacies and clinics say more eligible people means people will need to be patient.

“The appointments were going rather quickly. Friday morning we opened about 125 appointments and they were all gone within an hour,” said Rock Hill spokesperson Katie Quinn.

”I think it’s nice that it’s available to us finally,” said Cheryl Clask, who is getting ready for her vaccination.

Clask is not a healthcare worker. She does not have a pre-existing condition or an essential job. However, it is her turn to get the vaccine.

”Why not get it? You can help other people who are also in this COVID battle. So you should get it,” she said.

Clask, an 18-year-old Winthrop student, told WBTV she has been waiting for months to visit the vaccine clinic just down the street from her.

”It’s really convenient because it’s right there so I’m going to get a vaccine appointment as soon as I can,” said Clask.

The Rock Hill clinic has only had a few days to prepare for the flood of appointments. The phones are already ringing off the hook.

“It’s always exciting and overwhelming when new people are added to the group. This [phones ringing] happens when we get a new group of people added. People who haven’t done this before now have questions they need answered,” said Clask.

Quinn said volunteers have made the process smooth so far, but she said they desperately need more.

”All our volunteers are important and we need all of them, especially injectors,” said Quinn. “We can’t do anything without injectors.”

Quinn said the clinic will be ready for the next wave. So the doors will be open to people like Clask.

“It doesn’t hurt to get it so get it,” said Clask.

WBTV also checked with the clinics getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. We told you last week they have not gotten any more vaccines for a few weeks. Some of them got the vaccine but most of them did not get any extra.

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