Rowan Health Department noticing some 2nd COVID-19 vaccination shot hesitation

Growing concern over second dose hesitancy in Rowan County

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Healthcare workers across the country and here are noticing a phenomenon when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, and it has to do with people getting a first shot, but then missing the appointment to get the second shot. They say it’s resulting in wasted doses and means in some cases other people who wanted the second dose can’t get it when they were supposed to.

Some people are hearing the stories that the second shot is the one that causes a reaction that often leaves people feeling sick, and they say they just want to avoid that.

Lots of folks have been turning out over the last few weeks in Rowan County to get that first dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna two dose vaccines, but then a small number don’t follow up with that second dose.

“Some of our citizens are coming in and getting their first dose but they’re not returning for their second doses, we aren’t really sure why,” said Amy Smith of the Rowan Health Department.

Smith says that can cause a lot of problems for those who planned on keeping that second shot appointment.

“If that happens and you don’t come in for your second vaccination, then we have to ask the people behind you to come in another day so there not able to get their vaccine when they’re ready to get the vaccine.”

Amanda Faggart was hesitant to get the shot, but then after getting COVID, found the motivation.

“At first I didn’t want to get it, but now, knowing it’s out, my motivation is for my grandmother who is 85-years-old,” Faggart said. “I’m ready to go back and be with her and not knowing that she could actually catch it from me because I had the virus and with the virus that I had, I didn’t have any symptoms, so that would scare me to not get the shot and be around someone that age and not know I had it.”

“Have not had the vaccine yet, but yes, when I am available to get it I will be getting it,” said Scott Savage.

Health Department officials acknowledge that there can be side effects and that they have been reported mostly with the second dose.

“It’s usually a 24 our side effect and it’s letting your body now that it’s doing what it needs to be doing and that it’s building immunity,” Smith added.

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