Myers Park back in the 4A soccer state championship

Myers Park back in the 4A soccer state championship

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - For the 8th time in program history, Myers Park will play for a 4A state championship in soccer. It is their first trip since 2018 when they fell to Green Hope 4-1.

That loss is certainly providing fuel for this team this week as they prepare for Cardinal Gibbons.

“It’s a chance to get it right this time,” said senior Liam Trosch. “It’s a chance to put things where they should have been my sophomore year. It’s a great send off for our seniors. I think there’s going to be no nerves. It’s going to be all calm and it’s going to be all clinical.”

“We are confident right now,” said senior Carter Hensley. “We are flying in the playoffs. We haven’t allowed a goal in the playoffs so for this team, no moment is too big for us.”

This team can be confident as they are on a roll right now. They are 12-0-1 and have won 11 straight and for the season, have only given up 7 goals in 13 games.

Their play on the field has been impressive but what has impressed their head coach Bucky McCarley is their willingness to “stay in the moment”.

“The contest of what’s been going on with COVID and the struggle it is for so many people, it has helped them focus,” said coach. “That’s what’s been really impressive. You don’t have to show up to training and convince them to pay attention and bark a bunch of orders. They just genuinely want to be there and genuinely want to play with each other. They’ve done a great job of staying in the moment and enjoying what we are doing.”

Staying in the moment has been a major factor in the evolution of this team but their hunger to get better and excel has also put them in this position.

“They just stayed hungry,” said coach. “They were never satisfied. They would win a game or a playoff game comfortably and they were saying “more”. They want to put in the work. They want to struggle at times. They want to work through the struggles and that’s not always the case most times with teenagers. Them staying hungry and us getting to enjoy this together has made it all the more fun.”

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