DHEC: ‘People skipping second dose is a concern’

Concerns over some people not getting 2nd vaccine dose in S.C.

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - As North Carolina prepares to opening up more vaccinations, health officials in South Carolina are concerned people are not doing what they need to do to properly be vaccinated.

According to DHEC, a little over 27 percent of people living in the Palmetto state have been at least partially vaccinated. The problem is, some people who got the Moderna or Pfizer shot are not going back for their second dose.

”Yes most definitely I will get the second one,” said Kimberly Greene, who just got her first dose of Pfizer today. ”It’s terrible out here. And in order for us to get back to normal we’re going to have to get this COVID vaccine.”

Greene is already cleared her schedule for her second dose, three weeks from today. So hearing her fellow South Carolinians are not getting that second shot.

”It shocks me. It does. Because if you went and got the first shot then why wouldn’t you get the second?” she said.

560 thousand South Carolinians only have one dose right now. That is about 50 percent of the total people vaccinated. That number includes people like Greene who have only received one shot, but DHEC’s Nick Davidson says the problem is people skipping the second dose appointments altogether.

”Individuals have the second dose appointment scheduled and not showing up and this is very concerning,” said Davidson.

Davidson says not getting both doses will not only affect you.

”You’re not fully protected so you’re not fully protecting others at the same time,” said Davidson.

So for those ditching their second dose, Greene has a message.

”Please go get your second dose because it is not going to do what it needs to do for you,” said Greene.

WBTV reached out to DHEC to ask if the agency would try to get more Johnson and Johnson one-dose vaccine to try and combat this problem. We are still waiting on a response.

If a person does get a first dose but skips the second dose, they may be be wondering if they have to start over. Our Vaccine Team found out the answer is no. Although the Centers for Disease Control says it is not ideal to wait more than six weeks after the first dose.

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