NC Republican lawmakers push transgender sports bill

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 9:58 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Republican legislators are now pushing for a new bill that would keep transgender girls from participating on girls’ sports teams.

The “Save Women’s Sports Act” was presented at the North Carolina General Assembly, according to News&Observer.

The move comes just as South Carolinian lawmakers introduced a similar bill for consideration. It also comes as versions of the bill have recently been made into law in states such as Idaho and Mississippi, and have passed legislature in South Dakota and Arkansas.

Supporters of the bill say allowing transgender girls to participate in girls’ sports would undermine the accomplishments and physical capabilities of girls born biologically female.

One of those supporters is the bill’s lead sponsor, Rep. Mark Brody(R) of Union County.

News&Observer quotes Brody as saying, “I do not want to wait until biological females are pushed out of female sports, and all their records are broken and scholarships are lost.”

The bill is already receiving backlash from advocates of LGBTQ rights. Those who oppose the bill, such as local advocacy group Equality NC, believe that the bill is discriminatory and further escalates the emotional and mental struggles -- such as depression and low self-esteem -- that many transgender girls grapple with, particularly during the middle and high school years.

News&Observer spoke to Rebby Kern, the Education Policy Director of Equality NC, who said, “Young people all across this state, regardless of gender identity, deserve the opportunity to experience the benefits of being part of a sporting community -- especially when trans youth already face disproportionate barriers to success in learning environments.”

WBTV will continue to follow developments with this bill.

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