Man charged with series of car break-ins in Rockwell area

Man charged with series of car break-ins in Rockwell area
Theodore Christopher Sherman, II, was charged with several vehicle break-ins in Rockwell. (Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office)

ROCKWELL, N.C. (WBTV) - Rockwell Police and the Rowan Sheriff’s Office have charged a man with a series of vehicle break-ins in the area of Palmer Road. The investigation, ongoing since March 10, resulted in charges brought by both agencies.

Theodore Christopher Sherman, II, 28, of Rockwell was charged by Rockwell Police with five counts of misdemeanor larceny, six counts of felony breaking and entering, and two counts of obtaining property by false pretenses. The Rowan Sheriff’s Office charged Sherman with one count felony vehicle break-in and one count of felony larceny after breaking and entering.

According to the report, a homeowner caught Sherman breaking into his truck on the morning of March 10. When confronted, Sherman ran away, first running into and bouncing off a fence in the yard, then running around the fence. Sherman’s glasses were found on the ground next to the fence. Deputies with the Rowan Sheriff’s Office investigated that case.

Police in Rockwell investigated several similar cases in a nearby area that was within the Rockwell town limits.

Sherman is now out of jail on a combined bond of $21,500.

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