Parents divided on CMS remote learning day due to inclement weather

CMS makes late decision on remote learning

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Because of the threat of severe weather in the Carolinas, many school districts decided to move school on Thursday to an all-remote option.

One of those school districts was CMS, but not all parents are happy with the decision or how the school district handled it.

Parent tell WBTV News the call telling them the school day would be fully remote wasn’t until 5:30 on Thursday morning. Some parents say their students were already getting ready to head out the door.

CMS posted on Facebook after midnight, but parents say it didn’t give them enough time to prepare. Now, some families are worried remote learning due to severe weather could be the precedent moving forward.

“I’m really disappointed they made this decision,” said CMS mom Meg Kemp. “I think the kids should have been in school today. And looking outside, it is evident the wrong decision was made.”

Not only was Meg Kemp’s work schedule this week interrupted, she’s fearful this will be the new normal moving forward.

“Remote learning should never be the default nor should it be normalized. After what the kids have had to deal with this year, enough is enough.”

But one state senator is trying to pass legislation to “save spring break.”

Senate bill 242 was introduced earlier this week and if passed would allow CMS to use remote learning in response to severe weather conditions and other emergency situations to avoid adding in-person make up days.

Many families are already expecting this to be the new normal moving forward.

“Now that the entire school system is accustom to remote learning, I think the random snow day where you can sleep in and watch the price is right at 11 a.m. instead of doing any of your schoolwork is probably in the distant past, unfortunately,” said Jessica Daitch.

Daitch says it’s a good option for families so help save school breaks, like the senate bill mentioned.

“Certainly none of us want to use those federal holidays. None of us want to dig into spring break or potentially even have the end of school delayed because we’re making up snow days or inclement days,” she said. “To me the remote option does make sense.”

But some parents are holding out that kids will still get to be kids.

“I believe the kids should have been in school, but if you’re going to force them to be in school another day, then just cancel the day. They need a break. They need this,” said Kemp.

CMS said the decision for a full remote day was delayed “due to discussion about whether the district had the authority to use a remote learning day in response to severe weather.”

Ultimately they made the decision for the safety of students, families and staff.

“Last night, with the preponderance of forecasts predicting high risk of severe weather in our geographic area today, we made the decision that student safety would be best protected by not having students in our facilities during the March 18 school day,” the CMS statement continued.

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