AmeriGas drops ‘expedited delivery fee’ after WBTV investigation, questions from AGs

AmeriGas drops ‘expedited delivery fee’ after WBTV investigation, questions from AGs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A propane delivery company facing pressure from multiple state regulators made more concessions to customers complaining about slow service.

The new concessions follow hundreds of complaints to state watchdogs and an investigation by WBTV in January that found AmeriGas had charged a customer $300 to expedite her already delayed delivery.

After the story aired, nearly 100 AmeriGas customers around the region and across the country reached out to WBTV with similar complaints.

The majority of customers said they were stuck waiting for a propane delivery days or weeks after it was guaranteed and, in many cases. Nearly a dozen customers said they were talked into paying the expedited delivery fee because they had no heat in their homes in the middle of winter.

WBTV filed records requests with state attorneys general across the country to find out how many people had filed complaints with state consumer protection divisions.

AmeriGas leaves customers in the cold

We got a response from 11 attorney general offices, which sent a total of 125 different complaints filed against AmeriGas in the last year.

WBTV also reached out to the Federal Trade Commission but a spokesperson for the FTC said their agency was not responsible for investigating these types of complaints.

On the day WBTV aired its first story, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein sent a letter to the CEO and President of AmeriGas.

“It is important that AmeriGas fully address all the resource-related issues or other issues that created this problem, and that AmeriGas solves the entire problem for all of its North Carolina customers on the whole, as opposed to just dealing with individual complaints,” the letter read.

A spokeswoman for Stein said their office is actively investigating AmeriGas but cannot share any other details because of the ongoing investigation.

Spokespersons for other AG offices said they could not confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation.

WBTV emailed AmeriGas to question whether the company had taken more steps to satisfy customers complaints since the previous story was reported.

A spokeswoman responded to WBTV and noted several substantial changes to their policy including “waiving expedited-service fees, and providing credits to our automatic delivery customers in cases when we know delays were our own doing.”

AmeriGas also noted the interest in the company’s response to customers from attorneys general.

“In our normal course, we work with state Attorneys General to continually find ways of resolution for customers where necessary and the community. We know that we’re better servicing customers today than we were a few weeks ago and are confident that we’ll get even better over the next few days and weeks,” the statement read.

The company also said they are addressing delivery issues by “increasing our number of customer-service call-center staff, shifting field resources to assist high-priority areas that require extra support and expanding service-delivery hours.”

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