As vaccinations ramp up in Carolinas, people look for normalcy as restrictions ease

As vaccinations ramp up in Carolinas, people look for normalcy as restrictions ease

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Thousand more in South Carolina will be eligible for the vaccine on Monday when the state moves to Phase 1B of the vaccination plan.

The next group includes anyone 55 years and older and those ages 16 to 54 with high-risk medical conditions.

Frontline workers such as school staff, grocery store workers and law enforcement officers are also part of this new group.

North Carolina is already in Group 3, which includes daycare workers and school staff, and will move to Group 4 on March 24.

For teachers in Rock Hill, getting the vaccine is a positive step forward.

“Everyone in the school having that extra protection is perfect for us right now,” a teacher told WBTV.

‘The guests can choose:’ S.C. restaurants embracing end of mask mandate for customers

As vaccinations ramp up across the Carolinas, residents are hopeful that normalcy returns.

South Carolina lifted its mask mandates, while North Carolina is allowing more people in bars and restaurants and sporting events.

“It serves as a security because you know people are getting the vaccinations,” said Drake Collins. “It just makes us feel like we can go out places now.”

Restrictions eased in North Carolina

Giacomo Paccione told WBTV he is comfortable with traveling now and has to because of his profession.

“I’m an essential workforce, so our company is having us travel,” Paccione said. “I am comfortable with that.”

And for others, they’re not letting the guard down just yet.

“I’m still cautious, that’s why in the public right now, I’m still wearing a mask,” said Buku Guzeh.

Phase 1B in South Carolina is coming on the heels of this being the first weekend of not having to wear a mask in restaurants and government buildings.

That is a decision we’ve seen split down the middle.

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