One year later: Kings Mountain couple reflects on COVID-19 outbreak on cruise vacation

Updated: Mar. 5, 2021 at 10:15 PM EST
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KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. (WBTV) - It was one year ago that 14 people from Kings Mountain were stuck on a cruise ship with an outbreak of COVID-19.

The group set sail from San Francisco at the end of February and made stops on the four Hawaiian islands.

But when they got back on the ship, they were told to isolate in their cabins after several passengers and crew members got sick.

To say Don and Lynn Yarbro feel blessed one year later, would be an understatement.

“Lynn and I both give all the praise to God who put that suit of armor on us, because we was in the mix of the big battle and we’ve walked a year scot-free,” Don Yarbro told WBTV.

The couple’s cruise vacation turned into forced isolation in their cabins.

“When you seen helicopters come in and dropping nets on the boat and then they dropped the CDC people we knew there was something wrong, it was very serious,” he said.

After more than a week of isolation, they docked in California.

Lynn headed to a hospital because she had low oxygen, while Don went to Dobbins Air Force base.

He shared his 14 days inside lockdown with WBTV over Facetime.

When the Yarbros made it back home to Kings Mountain the writing was on the wall as COVID-19 cases started popping up. But, no one knew how much life was about to change.

“Don’s best friend got it and lost his life to it,” Lynn said.

Determined to stay healthy, they both got the vaccine.

“It sure was a relief,” she said.

They’re hopeful for what’s next; never losing sight of what they came out of.

“People talk about the wars, and now we’ve been through an experience that’s just unforgettable,” he said.

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