Fort Mill, Harris Teeter gearing up for mass vaccination clinic Thursday

More locations offering COVID-19 vaccine

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - When it comes to getting vaccinated, you now have more options than ever to choose from.

Your County Health Department, Atrium Health, Novant Health, Walgreen’s, CVS and Publix will all soon be offering ways to get those COVID-19 shots.

In South Carolina, Harris Teeter teamed up with the town of Fort Mill for a large vaccination clinic starting at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

“My mother is elderly and has diabetes, so this was really important,” said Fort Mill resident Marcus Dilly.

Dilly and his daughter Liberty are happy to have the vaccine rollout so readily available.

For them, it hits close to home.

“We took her to get her first vaccination and she just got her second so we’re super-excited,” Dilly said.

Harris Teeter to offer COVID-19 vaccines in stores

Thanks to more and more doses coming in, the Dilly matriarch won’t be the only one getting her shot this week.

“We’re thrilled,” Dilly said

Fort Mill Mayor Guynn Savage said these vaccines will go a long way to protecting some of the more vulnerable populations.

“I know so many people that live here that created and built this community. And they’re of an age that we certainly want to look out for them,” Savage told WBTV.

Harris Teeter is partnering up with the town to distribute eight-hundred doses of the Moderna vaccine starting Thursday morning. The problem isn’t there are not enough doses. It’s actually the opposite.

“We actually have hundreds of appointments available,” Danna Robinson, from Harris Teeter, said.

But even at that, you still need to qualify, meaning you need to be in Phase 1A or above to get the shot.

The grocery store chain is doing most of the legwork by providing six pharmacists and logistics help, but they hit a snag. There was no place to actually do the clinic.

“We have 800 appointments available,” Robinson said. “That is just too many people to have in our store and safely maintain physical distancing.”

So, folks will be run through the Fort Mill community center in a much more efficient way to get vaccinated.

“I think the vaccinations are a good thing,” said Fort Mill resident Mark Gannon. “I think we need to do it, I’m all for it.”

If you’d like to make an appointment for the vaccine clinic, you can click here.

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