Family-owned drug store to start vaccinations in Taylorsville

Family-owned pharmacy distributing vaccine in Alexander County

TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - People’s Drug Store in Taylorsville has been in business since 1918 when the Spanish Flu Pandemic swept across the world.

The store helped folks then with medicines.

Now, it’s 2021 and another pandemic has gripped the world, and once again, the family-run drug store will pitch in.

After months of asking the state for a vaccine supply to have their own clinics, the state has sent 200 doses of Moderna vaccine.

The box arrived Tuesday morning and vaccinations will begin Wednesday afternoon.

Owner Phil Icard said everyone at his store wants to play a part in battling the coronavirus.

“The vaccine is our ticket to get rid of it,” Icard said.

Much of his staff have been trained already in giving shots.

Many have helped the health department in their clinics and think they have a system now that will make the store’s vaccine operation run smoothly.

The shots will be given by appointment only.

As of Tuesday afternoon, some slots were still available.

They ask people to call 828-632-2271 to set up their time.

Officials hope that the clinic at the pharmacy may become a weekly event.

They also have been asking the state for 1,000 doses or more to have their own mega clinic on a weekend.

Several family-run pharmacies have told officials they would help People’s or whichever store was the lead in the effort.

Health Director Lee Anne Whisnant said the entire community is coming together to help battle the virus, and that defeating COVID-19 “will be a community team effort.”

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