Family members remember west Charlotte homicide victim

Vigil held for murder victim Noah Feaster

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Another shooting in Charlotte, another young man who was taken too soon.

Family and friends gathered Thursday night at Camp Greene Park to remember Noah Feaster. He was shot and killed at a home in the early morning hours last Friday. While the investigation into his death continues, the family finds themselves with more questions than answers.

“Y’all got to do better,” said the grandmother of Feaster’s 3-year-old son.

Words from the family Thursday night rooted in sorrow and pain. Those gathered to say goodbye to 23-year-old Noah Feaster remembered him as a kind man. And while everyone hurt, the real heartbreak is reserved for his family. Having to explain what happened to his young son.

“I had to take my grandbaby to the funeral home today. And explain to him what’s going on, he’s 3,” said the grandmother.

The CMPD says the shooting happened at a house off Berryhill Drive at around three in the morning. Officers arrived to see a large crowd leaving the home. Feaster had been shot inside. I checked today with detectives today and so far, there has been no word on any arrests of possible motives. But when you’re grieving, motive doesn’t mean much, and it certainly won’t make the hurt go away.

Friends spoke of Feaster as a kind and caring person.

“Noah always carried himself as a clean young man. Noah handled himself as a young man was supposed to,” one of Feaster’s friends said.

Because so little is known why this all happened, family members made an impassioned speech to the crowd asking for any help they can get.

“If you know anything about what happened, I’m only going to ask nicely once, for you guys to help figure this situation out,” said a representative for the family to the crowd.

But until justice can be found in Noah’s case, there’s really little anybody can do but wait – and try to sort it out in their own way.

“I can’t wrap my head around it, man.”

The funeral is set for Friday afternoon. The family hopes a lot of people will show up but because of COVID, only 50 people will be allowed inside.

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