Avery Co. mobile health Clinics take vaccines to the teachers

Mobile health trailers bring vaccine clinics to teachers in Avery County

NEWLAND, N.C. (WBTV) - Teachers and school staff in Avery County finally got their chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday. Instead of having to travel to a clinic, however, the clinic came to them.

The county bought two specialized trailers to use as mobile health clinics and Thursday was the first time they hit the road.

“We’re rolling out hope,” said County Manager Phillip Barrier, “and rolling out the vaccine.”

About half of the county’s 400 teachers and school staff have signed up for the vaccine. Officials think that number will grow as they see how their co-workers do with the vaccine.

High School Science Teacher Jennifer Hurst, though, did not hide her excitement about getting the shot. She was seen jumping and dancing in the hallway at Avery County High School as she made her way to the clinic out the back door. She thinks the vaccine is important and hopes everyone who can take it, does.

“The vaccine was always going to be our Hail Mary and it’s here.”

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