Man shocked to get a bill 19 months after daughter’s treatment

Updated: Feb. 23, 2021 at 3:18 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Most of us go to the doctor or a hospital for treatment and then pay the bill, and we figure it’s all taken care of. However, a Charlotte man tonight wants to know why over a year and a half after he paid his bill, a second bill arrived.

Brendan Roisin’s daughter, Josette, was born with a fetal heart block in April 2015.

Over the next five years, his daughter’s care generated over a quarter of a million dollars in bills at Atrium CMC in Charlotte - bills that he thought were paid in full.

“March 1st to the end of December 2019, our insurance paid out $257,000 and that was all Atrium,” said Roisin.

With the bills paid and his daughter recovering, the family moved to Boston. Roisin was stunned when 19 months after his daughter’s treatment, he got a bill from the hospital.

“And now, 19 months later, there’s a bill for $26.85, so really, my question is, in what rational world, or on what planet, after you’ve gotten $257,000, are you sending a bill for 26 dollars and 85 cents? Roisin said.

Roisin said Atrium sent him the original bill for $26.85 in December.

Originally, the charge was $560. His insurance, UnitedHealthcare, paid $533.15, leaving Roisin with the rest.

The date of service listed on the bill was May 2019.

“And if I pay this bill, am I going to get another one in another 19 months?” Roisin said.

Throughout Josette’s treatment, Roisin says he’s paid Atrium for every bill except this one.

“It’s like - are they just making these bills up, are they auditing? I don’t know what their process is. All I know is if I don’t pay, the bills will send it to collections and ruin my credit,” Roisin said.

WBTV reached out to UnitedHealthcare and a spokesperson said, “I see two bills for a May 10, 2019 date of service. We paid one on May 17; the other, June 3. You will have to contact the doctor or the pathology group regarding their patient billing practices/guidelines.”

WBTV also reached out to Atrium.

A spokesperson said, “While privacy restrictions prohibit us from commenting on a specific case, I can tell you there are times when our billing department will interact with a patient’s insurance company on multiple occasions before a claim is processed. This could include, but is not limited to, the insurance company needing more information about the claim or updated information from a patient. There is no set timeframe of how long this could take, as when they pay us is often in the hands of the insurance company and not Atrium Health. Atrium Health does not mail a statement while we await payment from a patient’s insurance company, as it is our intent to only bill patients for the amount they will owe out of pocket.”

“To me, it’s not so much about the $26.85. I’ll pay it. It’s the fact that it took 19 months to get it,” said Roisin.

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