‘All your funeral costs are paid for’: Good Samaritan steps up to help mother whose children died in mobile home fire

Updated: Feb. 22, 2021 at 11:44 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It was an emotional night in Hickory.

During a vigil for two young siblings who died in a mobile home fire over the weekend, a good Samaritan spoke up from the crowd on Monday and addressed the parents, “all of your funeral costs are paid for.”

A family friend had organized a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral costs.

Two Hickory children die in mobile home fire
Two Hickory children die in mobile home fire(WBTV)

But then, on Monday, this good Samaritan offered to expense the funerals.

So now, the money will be diverted into finding them a new home.

Still, even a new home will feel empty.

However, there is gratefulness and gratitude to everyone who is pitching in to help a young couple get through the most painful of days.

Rebecca McClure, the mother of the two children, wanted to pass a message to everyone who helped out in their time of need.

“I wanted to say thank you to everybody, everybody for helping us,” McClure said. “Thank everybody. Our babies meant so much to us. More than anything.”

The two young children - 7-year-old Kevin McClure, and his sister, 8-year-old Madison, died after a fire at their home over the weekend. They were home alone when the fire started.

The fire department says it was accidental, but that doesn’t heal the hurt the family is going through right now.

“This is a nightmare,” a person at the vigil said.

Nothing shatters in more pieces than the heart of a mother when her children are gone.

“It’s hard to stand there and watch something burn and know what’s inside and you can’t do a thing about it,” said Teresa Fosnow.

Balloons, flowers and signs of support blanketed the dozens of people who showed up to a family going through what no one ever should.

This past Saturday afternoon, a fire started at this mobile home along 7th Avenue Southwest.

Inside were the two children while their mother was off at work trying to support her family.

The boyfriend and father of Kevin wasn’t home at the time the fire broke out.

“I was there when it caught fire and I called her at work. It’s just rough right now,” said April Hiland.

As the fire grew, neighbors tried to breach the doors and windows to save the siblings, but it was too hot, it burned too fast.

“To hear the mother as upset as she was, it was horrible, I’ll never forget it,” Fosnow told WBTV.

At the vigil, candles were lit to remember what was.

They sent balloons skyward in hopes they might reach wherever Kevin and Madison are now.

But Monday night, the home no more. Obliterated by flames. There is no insurance.

The couple is at a hotel as the community rallies.

A GoFundMe was set up in hopes of paying for the funeral. But an amazing gesture changed that.

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