Tenant fights for more heat, relies on one permanent heating unit & space heaters for warmth

Updated: Feb. 19, 2021 at 12:56 PM EST
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GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - Imagine having one heater to keep your entire house warm... That’s what one Gastonia woman is dealing with in the home she rents.

Ishika Jackson is cold, so she called the WBTV Tip Line in hopes of getting some help.

As the temperature outside has hovered around freezing in recent weeks, she’s relied on one permanent heating unit and several space heaters to keep her and her kids warm.

“I’m trying to fight. I’m trying to fight. I have to for my kids,” said Jackson.

When Jackson moved into the Gastonia house late last month, the first thing she noticed was how cold it was.

“The thermostat wasn’t working, and there was no heat coming out of the vent.”

Jackson says she contacted her landlord Ramsey Properties several times but didn’t get a response.

Eventually, when the cold became too unbearable, she and her kids went to a hotel.

“Came back here on the 1st. That’s when the hotel heater was put in the living room.”

Jackson says on February 1, the thermostat was gone and someone had come in and installed a wall heater in the living room.

The wall heater, she says, isn’t heating the whole house, so she had to put up space heaters in other rooms.

“It was freezing in here and every time I called him,” she said, “every time, he’s still not responding.”

WBTV tried contacting Ramsey Properties but also got no response.

The Better Business Bureau gives the business an “F” rating online.

WBTV contacted the City of Gastonia and was told the only requirement is for the house to be heated up to 68 degrees, three feet off the floor.

Now, less than a month since she moved in, Jackson has been told her home is being sold and she has to move out!

“I wouldn’t want anybody, anybody’s family, anybody’s kids, to go through this.”

If you have a problem with the place you’re renting, call your local city or county code enforcement office.

Click here for a link to the City of Gastonia’s office.

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