Good Question: If we get vaccinated, how can we still protect our young son from virus?

Good Question: If we get vaccinated, how can we still protect our young son from virus?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -WBTV On Your Side Tonight has been answering your Good Questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tonight’s Good Question comes from Chaitali:

“My question is, if my husband and I were to get vaccinated but, our son (2 years old) cannot get vaccinated, how can we protect him from us? It seems we can’t get sick from COVID after vaccination but we can still be a carrier, from my understanding.”

It’s important to know that neither of the current vaccines guarantees you will not get infected with COVID-19. However, they do pretty much guarantee you will not get severely sick from it. As for the transmission, that is something researchers are still trying to figure out. The CDC says even after vaccination you could still be infected or carry the virus, but not feel any symptoms.

So what should you do? The CDC says to keep practicing all of the safety precautions we’ve been doing when we’re out in public in order to avoid exposure to the virus. That way, you won’t bring it home and you won’t spread it to others.

So even after you are vaccinated, the CDC says to stay at least six feet away from others, avoid crowds, avoid poorly ventilated spaces, wash your hands often and wear a mask. In fact, it says doubling up is even better.

“They showed that if you wear two masks and they’re well fitted, that’s the key thing, that you can have more than 95 percent protection from the aerosols that you otherwise might get,” said Dr. John Lapook.

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