VACCINE TEAM: Should you cancel second vaccine appointment if you contract COVID-19 after first dose?

VACCINE TEAM: Should you schedule second vaccine if you have COVID-19 after first?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We are about a week away from advancing to the next group in the COVID-19 rollout.

Teachers, staff and daycare workers can get vaccinated as early as Feb. 24.

As more people are getting the vaccine, questions about the process are being sent to the WBTV Vaccine Team.

A viewer asked this question:

“Should someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19 after getting the first dose still get the second scheduled dose?

The answer is yes, however, not the next day.

If you are sick with COVID right now, you’re recommended to wait until you have recovered and can safely come out of isolation before getting your second dose. The vaccine works to protect you against future infection.

The CDC says it is safe to get vaccinated with the vaccine if you have been infected in the past.

Schools are moving toward getting students back into the classroom.

North Carolina’s teachers and education staff begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 24, while essential workers like first responders, grocery store employees and transportation workers will begin getting their shots on March 10.

That’s hundreds of thousands more people who will soon be trying to get an appointment. Meanwhile, there are still plenty of people 65 and older who are still trying to schedule their place in line.

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