Mecklenburg County residents, NCDOT prepare for Thursday’s winter weather

Mecklenburg County prepares for wintry weather

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) -More than 75 trucks have been out all over Mecklenburg County to handle the all day brining affair.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) want to get these roads treated as early and quickly as possible. I-77 is one of the major highways the North Carolina Department of Transportation is hitting in Mecklenburg County. The other highway DOT focused on is I-85.

This is all information from Jennifer Thompson at NCDOT.

She says they treated most of the roads in the northern part of Mecklenburg County to the border of Cabarrus and Iredell counties this morning.

The words winter weather cause fear in those new to the roads and those with more experience.

”Really concerns me about getting into accidents,” a Mecklenburg County resident said.

“Pretty spooked about it,” said another.

”I normally don’t drive on the roads when it’s icy,” said one more.

So with Wednesday’s impending icy conditions, some Mecklenburg county residents prepare to stay put.

”We just stay home,” said one person who lives in Cornelius. “We won’t be going on any adventures especially with icy roads.”

Others are hoping for the best.

”Maybe it doesn’t happen. You know the weather’s here and there,” said a resident who plans to shop and stay in for the next few days.

Thompson says trucks treated these roads early because this is the area they think could get the most unpredictable weather, but Thompson says just because the roads are treated does not mean you should try to drive.

”Stay home if they can because it’s gonna be a little hazardous,” said Thompson. “It could be an all day thing tomorrow and maybe even tomorrow night when it dips down again so this could be a prolonged event. We want folks to be mindful of that.”

Thompson says NCDOT is hitting elevated bridges like the ones on I-277 Wednesday evening. Once that work is done, workers will get ready to be on call for anything happening overnight into the morning.

If you see a road that needs to be treated do not try to drive on it. Instead, reach out to DOT and someone will come out.

No matter what happens, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is not taking any chances. That huge salt wall is being turned into brine. Plows layout in preparation. More than 75 trucks are out treating roads, bridges and anything else that could get too slick.

”I used to live on a road that was icy and I couldn’t leave my house because I would slip and slide everywhere,” said a Meck County resident who is hoping the ice does not come.

If that sounds like a similar situation, a spokesperson said to make a call to NCDOT. I am told NCDOT is constantly talking to first responders, police and local governments to make sure everyone is staying as safe as possible.

NCDOT says the best way to avoid any black ice is to stay at home. If you do go out, you can use NCDOT’s road map to find any closed or icy roads.

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