Worried parents push back against Concord school realignment

Worried parents push back against Concord school realignment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Some middle school parents in Concord are bracing for bad news.

A proposal is on the table that may force hundreds of kids to change schools starting next year. That means new environments and longer commute times

“That’s what a lot of us are frustrated about is the lack on inclusion,” said Catherine Parrish, a Concord mother of two.

She’s watching a virtual meeting that will determine where her son will go to school. Something she doesn’t think she has control of right now.

It’s a multilayered problem. The middle schools in the Concord area are filling up quickly in part because of explosive growth. To elevate the problem – a new school is being built, set to open next year. But in order to balance everything out, the board will have to move hundreds of students around so that attendance evens up.

“That new middle school is also intended to help provide relief and much needed capacity relief for schools in the county,” said a school consultant.

But with hundreds of students now in limbo and in fear of being uprooted, concerns arise.

“We’re worried,” said Parrish. “We’re scared we’re concerned about their emotional health.”

It’s not just the change of buildings these parents are worried about, but where these building are.

“Forty fifty thousand cars a day pass by these roads,” Parrish said.

Roads that pass by some of the heavily congested areas in the city near Concord Mills Mall. The parents have rallied and protested at the board of election. Even coming up with their own compromise plan.

“It got shot down,” Parrish said.

But many are vowing the fight isn’t over.

“We’re not done. We’re not giving up,” she said.

Parrish’s son Conner, has a more pragmatic view.

“I would probably be sad. But also life’s not fair. You don’t always get what you want,” he said.

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